Discovering Eden lane

Today was a perfect beginning of spring, day. The sun was out the wind was in and it was cool but not brrr brr cold. After picking up a parcel from the sorting office in Falcon road I decided to take a long-cut home. I was wandering along Pitsligo Road which had roadworks, making me cross to the side I would not usually walk along, when I noticed a long lane going down to the right, towards the bottom of Morningside called Eden lane. It is a long cobbled lane with lovely old walls on either side and some amazing hidden properties, I can’t believe I have never seen it before. It was a bit of a ‘through the wardrobe moment’ but honestly I have got used to that, in this area I live in, there are loads of hidden, secret little places. You would have to do a lot of walking to come across them all, so lots of places still to come across I hope. The Angel is from Strathearn cemetry captured on the last lap of my route home.


3 thoughts on “Discovering Eden lane

  1. Oh man, this is making me miss Edinburgh SO much. This was totally my territory! Eden Lane is wonderful isn’t it? I never made it into Strathearn Cemetery though I don’t think…

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