The Kiss and some snow

I went down to visit the National Gallery on the mound last Friday and had not realised that Rodin’s The Kiss was in the Downstairs gallery. I had already walked right by it and on up to the second floor to look at some gorgeous Degas’s and one or two lovely Poussin’s. It was only on my way back through the first gallery when I noticed people taking videos and generally milling about the sculpture, that I noticed what it was. I had only looked at the white marble out of the corner of my eye and thought it was the 3 grace’s, this fact making me hurry on past to see some more highbrow stuff. I must admit it was a bit too white and sugary looking, not quite ‘dirty’ enough for me…ho ho. I’m pretty sure Rodin would have prefered it uncleaned and more visually edgey, with a bit of grime in all the nooks and cracks!!

The snow happened today and the poor wee crocuses on the meadows looked a bit shocked by the frigid air. I do love the monotone look of snow, and some dogs seemed to like it too maybe easier for them to notice other dogs?


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