Tower Bridge and The Shard

A continued story from Poppies at the Tower, here are the images describing the next part of our walk beside the mighty Thames.

After seeing the poppies we walked over Tower bridge and on towards The Shard, and of course we all made the comment about how the Americans bought ‘London bridge’ thinking they were getting ‘Tower Bridge’ but instead had purchased the infinitly more non-descript bridge further down the river. The sun shone, the clouds wooshed above us, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle over and around the river. When we got to The Shard just on the last approach, there was a really fun and quite timeless, water art feature running along the street. It was a kind of small straight river or aquaduct running through the middle of the lane. People were splashing each other and kids were jumping over it, back and forth, to see if they could pretend to fall in, and have a great excuse for soaking themselves. We continued on to Borough market with all its lovely old stalls, but it was a bit late in the day by then so we just went for a nice meal, myself having one of the nicest arrangement of ingredients I have had in ages.


Chums on the bridge


View from the bridge

shard3 shard4 shard5 shard6 shard7 shard8 shard9 shard10

Aquaduct through to the shard above and below


Soooo Higheeeee


 shard12 shard15

No Whineing please!


Gorgeous snackerel

Gorgeous snackerel


The Golden Hind (replica)


Acting up at the Globe theatre


Sir Christopher Wren’s hoose, him wot designed St Pauls.


Dazzle ship from pther side of the river


Nice Landscape art outside Festival Hall


Not sure what this was will have to investigate


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