Croatia 2016: Split, Supetar and Omis

I am still having dreams about my holiday in Croatia, one of those kind of dreams where you travel somewhere by boat or plane, but you have to be back home before you wake up. I love love love Croatia the sea, the boats, the people are all wonderful. We flew to Split from Glasgow which was nice and direct and Split Airport is small so we wlaked out the door and straight onto a bus taking us to the centre. The bus takes you right up to the edge of the port just minutes away from all the ferrys (there are loads), so getting to our accommodation on the island of Brac (pronounced bratch) was simple. The Ferry was fairly big and the crossing only took 50 mins so we sat on the deck and had a beer. When we got to Supetar, the main port and the town we were staying in, our host met us and drove us to our flat which had a balcony looking over the town and the sea.

croatia - 1

Split port

croatia - 2

Docking in Supetar

croatia - 3

view from our apartment

croatia - 4

View from our apartment

croatia - 5

View from our apartment

croatia - 6

After we had settled into our new surroundings we decided on a boat trip to Omis (pronounced Omeesh) which was back on the mainland of Croatia. This is an ancient Pirate stronghold with a breathtaking canyon that reaches far inland with a lovely river running through it.

croatia - 7

Eve and John on the boat

croatia - 8

John Moray and Eve

croatia - 9

Omis in the distance

croatia - 10


croatia - 11


croatia - 12

The tower of the Lord of Omis

croatia - 13

Enter a caption

croatia - 14croatia - 15croatia - 16

croatia - 17

Traffic Control

croatia - 18

Enter a caption

croatia - 19

Steps up to the tower

croatia - 20

croatia - 21

the canyon

croatia - 22

croatia - 23

start of the canyon

croatia - 24croatia - 25

Well this it for now next post coming soon.


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