Venice : November 2016

This was my little holiday to Venice last year, all on my own and doing lots of wooshing about in  Vaperettos from island to island. I was staying in accommodation attached to a Jesuit church in the Cannaregio district of Venice. The Chiesa dei Gesuiti has accommodation attached for students studying in Venice and there seemed to be folk from all over the world staying there. I had a wee room at the top of the building almost looking out on the lagoon, my shower room, opposite the bedroom, had a tiny window that looked out over the San Michele Cemetery island. I could have my shower in the morning looking over the chimney tops towards the lagoon.

venice2016 - 20venice2016 - 19venice2016 - 18venice2016 - 17

venice2016 - 16

Demonstration against cruise ships in Venice

venice2016 - 14venice2016 - 13venice2016 - 12venice2016 - 11venice2016 - 10venice2016 - 8venice2016 - 6

venice2016 - 5

Gesuit Church

venice2016 - 4

View from my room

venice2016 - 3

St Marco

venice2016 - 1

Dinner at IL Milion


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